Our Mission

To give ordinary people an opportunity to own a non-medical home care agency. To train our members to give high quality care to their patients and provide excellent service to our members.

Our Vision

To become the world`s leading non-medical home care membership organization. By providing excellent training and providing our members with the tools to become successful and rich.

Our Value

We uphold the highest standards of Integrity in all our actions. In addition, we provide outstanding benefits to our members and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our members.

Home Care Membership

We are not a Franchise, We are a Membership Business Organization that  assist individuals in opening their own Non-Medical Home Care Agency.  There are no royalties or territory restriction. You keep all your profits, and choose your own company name. You pay Elders Care, a onetime membership fee of $30,000.  We offer the best benefit packages in the industry when purchasing a membership. In addition, we help you with your Branding.  We offer an outstanding marketing training program. 5 days live online on Jordan Belfort the "Straight Line System" The movie "Wolf of Wall Street" was about his life. Back in the late 1980's He earned one million dollars a week. He then had some challenging times and lost everything.  He had to rebuild his life. As of 2014 he was worth one hundred million dollars. He rebuilt his life using the techniques Straight Line System that he created to build his own wealth in the 1980's and again in 2014. Dr. Mitchell went though training with Mr. Belfort recently. She stated that the techniques were very powerful and she did understand how they worked but had never saw anything like this before.  Dr. Mitchell paid $120,000 to learn these techniques from Mr. Belfort. You will learn them as part of your membership.

Please compare the benefits that we are offering to others you have seen. Because there is no one out there offering Franchises or Home Care Memberships that comes close to what Elders Care is offering.  Our memberships are a little more pricey than other home care memberships. But, that’s because we offer you more. There is an old saying “you pay for what you get”

If you are interested in purchasing a Home Care Membership with Elders Care please push the link below and Contact Us today.  ACT TODAY DON’T LET THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY PASS YOU BY.


welcome to wealth

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We cannot guarantee you will get wealth, because you may not do anything with the tools you are given. You may not want to grow and expand your business.  However, we do say that we will give you the tools that could make you wealth.